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Episode 125: The Gift Isn't So Important, It's The Gift Receipt

With Monday beating you over the head with reminders that it's not yet Giftimus-Minimus day(s) [after all, we are in a recession] we have a tiny electronic type gift for your stocking... a new episode of the ESH podcast!

This one is perfect for those poor souls out there that are trying to get stretch their dollars as far as possible. In this episode of the ESH podcast the gals are joined by AllGames Radio Network Fam Xenocore, the awesome. If you don't know Xeno, smack yourself. We'll have you know that Xeno is one of the awesome voice talents from the Ultimate Quest podcast and penmen of the UltimateQuest.net website.

Xeno, Panda and NinJa share their recommendations for gamer gifts that fall under the mantle of "cheap & easy" as we breakdown the best of the PS3, PS3, PSP, and Xbox 360 Greatest Hits and Platinum Hits titles. Titles from $19.99 to $29.99 and a few below and above, we are full of nothing but opinions about what to get the gamers close to you but not that close to you this gift giving season.

Want an idea of how this episode went down? Peep the titles we chose not to use

  • NinJa Likes Things that Are Good and Cheap
  • So, Panda Says She's All Plugged Up
  • It Makes Me Want To Punch Kittens In The Face
  • Fuzzy Alligators In Pitfall - Not A Fond Memory
  • No More Hello Kitty Mountain Adventure For You
  • A Hello Kitty Defibrillator? How Shocking!
  • My Red Ring of Death Is Keeping Me Warm This Winter
  • If You Gift Panda This Season, Be Sure To Use A Well-Ventilated Box
  • Zombies and Guns? Right On!
  • and finally
  • My Wii Has Always Been Used For Multiple Pleasure Purposes

Didn't I tell you it was a good one? Grab your coffee and a pen and piece of paper so you can take some notes while you enjoy ESH Podcast episode 125: The Gift Isn't So Important - It's The Gift Receipt

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