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Episode 129: It's a Guitar Only a Guitar Hero Could Love

An audio podcast just doesn't do justice to a couple of things the Sistahs bring up in their latest podcast. That's why you've got to check out a couple of things in this post.

First, the Sistahs get a gander at the new logos for various Pepsi products, and they don't like what they see. Neither will you:

Doesn't bring a smile to my face, but this next thing does. The voiceover for the You Rock guitar is a little cheesy, but that doesn't take away from the utility of this new peripheral:

As usual, we have to reject more titles than we use. Like these:

If You're Pepsi and You Know It, Show Your Teeth

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Even if the new Pepsi logo doesn't have you smiling, this episode will. Enjoy Episode 129: It's a Guitar Only a Guitar Hero Could Love.

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