I have decided from now on to call new podcast day Funday from now on, and this Funday promises to leave no laugh behind.With a bit of a miscommunication between talent wranglers, Pandalicious and NinJaSistah are left to their own

I'm not kidding when I write that this Monday morning, Pandalicious will totally steal yo muffins man. She was in a gang that did that, she admitted to it in this week's episode of the podcast.If I am honest,

An audio podcast just doesn't do justice to a couple of things the Sistahs bring up in their latest podcast. That's why you've got to check out a couple of things in this post.First, the Sistahs get a gander at

I really don't. I like caffeinated beverages. A lot. I can drink several of them in a row, which can lead to a very hyper new episode of the ESH podcast appearing on this site any given Monday