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Episode 136: The Triforce of Suckitude

Monday brings with it yet another new episode of the ESH podcast, and in this episode we explore the game that got us started on the podcast as well as a few that keep us gaming.

If you haven't been with us from the beginning of our podcast life, then you may not know that the first game we ever talked about in internet audio form was the Squeenix title Kingdom Hearts 2. Shame on you. Ok, we can't stay mad at you, stop pouting. I am both proud and sad to say that it has taken an audience member question 135 episodes later for us to bring it back up again as main topic in the show...so bravo Ariel for getting us going for a bit on this show. We also talk about the upcoming Harmonix/MTV Games release The Beatles: Rock Band and what it could mean for family game-time and Panda brings the suckitude that Enchanted Armsto the forefront.

It's a classic random ESH podcast episode, and the proof is in the pudding... hear are some of the titles that we didn't use for the show

  • It Took 135 Episodes, But We Finally Talk About Kingdom Hearts Again
  • Our Policy: You Gotta Hate Everyone
  • Kill Whitey Dead IV - The 3D Made Them Notice
  • If You Love Weird Al, Accordion hero Is For You
  • Enchanted Arms, It's Not Me, It's You
  • I Want Those Hours Back
  • A Four Tier Bento Box of Love
  • Save The Whales - Avoid Enchanted Arms
  • Enchanted. Dumb. What?
  • and finally
  • Press "A" Twice to Shake It

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Getting the picture? Great! Enjoy ESH podcast episode 136: The Triforce of Suckitude

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