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PSN Good Demo/Bad Demo for the week of February 1st

PSN Good Demo/Bad Demo for the week of 2/1/2010

It's great that we are in the generation where demos are available on your consoles at the press of a button, because it serves to either hype us up for a soon-to-be released game, or find enough reasons to skip a title. Here are two recent demos that caught my attention.

Dynasty Warriors: Strike Force

This is supposed to be the bad demo, but I can't totally crap on it. This is one of those "kill seemingly endless waves of generic enemies with magical powers" games that are very arcade-y and monotonous. That being said, this type of game is mindless fun and you get to upgrade and customize your character.
I chose to play as the female archer, because she has a bow and I wanted to see if that was useful against hundreds of enemies. The answer is yes and no. I felt pretty awkward in battle unless I activated a super move, which killed a mess of dudes at once. Mostly I would switch to the secondary weapon and flail wildly.
Dynasty Warriors feels like a completely like a  last generation title or portable gaming fodder. If you don't need excellent graphics, interesting gameplay or smart enemy AI, go ahead and download Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce. There are a few missions you can play in the game, so you'll get a good taste of what the game entails.
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
I am going to put it out there right now: CoD: Modern Warfare KILLER!?
I have been playing the online-only 256 madness known as MAG, and while that title has the advantage of having scores of dudes killing each other all at
once, it's not as beautiful as Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
The main difference between MAG and Bad Company 2 is that Bad Company 2 has a destruction engine, which means that all buildings cover, etc, is prime for being torn to shreds. I played it in the morning, and already people were up and ready to play. I can only imagine how nuts the online scene will be once the full version is out.
Parachuting in
All vehicles you see can be piloted, from tanks to jeeps, to armored trucks. There are even ATVs, which are the coolest vehicles to drive in the demo. Be aware that being a pilot is not all that it's cracked up to be.
At one point, I tried to lift off in a helicopter and I totally ended up crashing and killing myself. At the top of the screen, it read "EPIC FAIL." Comedy: sometimes it hurts!
This game is all  about freedom, and there is so much control placed in a single player's hands. This game will be talked about for a long while once gamers have a chance to sit down with the full version. There is some progression to unlock for each soldier type, so for a demo you can dine on this game for a while.
For me, it's an easy choice between a franchise that doesn't seem to have matured and a game that is attempting to break new ground within its genre.

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