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Good Demo/Bad Demo for the week of April 12

It's weird and it's funny. No, it's not clown porn, it's Sam and Max!

I think this is the first time that Sam and Max have made it to the PlayStation, unless I'm mistaken.

Sam and Max are the oddest crime-fighting duo since, I don't know, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.

Sam and Max are a rabbit and a dog, respectively. There used to be (briefly)  a Sam and Max cartoon on Saturday mornings which sort of captured the spirit of these two.I think this will be a bit more "mature" than the cartoon was.

Sam and Max is an adventure game, but since its aim is ridiculousness and comedy, you need to expect the things you're able to do in this game to deviate from the norm.

Max, for example, has gained psychic abilities. Instead of having just plain old Force/Jean Grey powers, he accesses his powers the only way a homicidal bunny would. His teleport ability, for example, works like a phone. He can also turn into objects by copying them with silly putty.

Yep, odd.

For you kids out there, this game looks "ugly" The graphics feel like they are from nearly 2 decades ago, but please do not hold that against this game. I have see a lot of Sam and Max, but this demo is my first hands-on with it.

It has been a PC game for ages now, and I am not much of a PC gamer. Well, this is a win for the PC shunners, because now it's available on the PlayStation Store! I might buy it. It's like $20 or something.

Coach Frank is hateable

It's been a long, long, long, long time since I've played a skating game. Back when I played a skate game, Tony Hawk was the only game in town. Now Tony Hawk games are considered a horrible mistake that should be banished to a bargain bin. Then there's Skate.

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As you can see, we are up to the second sequel for Skate, meaning that I've ignored this series for years now.

Skate is the go-to now for skating enthusiasts who game.  Just as Gran Turismo grew to be the "real racing simulator" Skate feels like it properly simulates what it is to ride a board.

You get quite a lot of demo here. If you want to learn basically every move there is to know in skateboarding, the demo has you covered.

Jason Lee is in this as Coach Frank. Yeah, it feels kinda random, even if Jason Lee has a background in skateboarding.

If you download this demo, I would like you to count how many times you hear Coach Frank go "Jeh jeh jeh cheah!" before you press the mute button.

BTW, Coach Frank doesn't seem to know the difference between male and female. Someone should have fixed that. I know there's only one female character here, but it's 2010. We can set up the dialog to correspond properly.

Skate 3 is not only lots of fun, but it is also challenging. Pulling off some of the harder moves is akin to playing some of the charge move characters in Street Fighter IV, if anyone can relate to that experience.

I'm really trying to hate these games, to find a bad demo, but these were really good! See you next time!

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