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Fallout: New Vegas - DO WANT

Special editions — you gotta love em' don't you? As a rule I adore special editions that give me more than just an extra weapon or extra health bar in-game, so when I saw Bethesda's announcement about the collector's edition version of their upcoming release Fallout: New Vegas I had to hide my credit card.

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Personally, I think what makes or breaks any "limited edition" or "collector's edition" video game bundle is the amount of attention that is paid to the details of what content makes up the bundle. Most gamers know immediately and react (adversely mind you) when they feel content is merely tacked on to a retail version of a game in order to either help pre-orders or sap another 10-20 bucks out of their wallets, but Bethesda has such a unique style when it comes to how it promotes and markets it's titles that it really shouldn't surprise me how much I salivate over this picture when I see it.

Lets talk about what's in the bundle shall we? Ok. First up, poker chips. It ain't Vegas if you ain't gambling baby and there are seven chips in the bundle. Why seven? Each one represents one of the seven casinos you'll find on the strip in the game. There is a hardcover graphic novel called "All Roads" written by FNV's Creative Director Chris Avellone. Then there is the "making of" DVD and custom deck of playing cards and of course the game itself.

The game drops in November, so start putting your money and some playing time aside.

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