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Want Boobies? Media Blasters Has You Covered!

Anime distributor Media Blasters have decided to provide the first episodes of Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny, Queen's Blade and Kanokon.

Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny is an entry in the series about legendary warriors reincarnated in the bodies of women. Ikki Tousen has been satisfying guys' torn clothing fetish for years now.

At least the action of Ikki Tousen is good, so if your friends call you a perv for watching it, you have some excuse.

Kanokon also brings a bit of the ecchi, but with it also comes terrible voice acting by people who sound nothing like the high schoolers they portray.

Kanokon is the typical boob-smothering awkward teenage romantic comedy, only with a supernatural twist. From watching one episode, this is definitely avoidable.

Queen's  Blade is about female fighters who are pitted against each other to become the next Queen. This show is all about naked breasts, and I applaud it. Most shows are about teasing and creatively cover up their nudity, but Queen's Blade lets it all hang out. Also, surprisingly, Queen's Blade has the best voice acting of these three titles, which are only offered on the Media Blasters site in an English dub.

More free episodes will be posted on the Media Blasters in the coming months, and there is a promise of  other Media Blasters series being streamed on the site, commercial free.

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