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YouTubes: Birth of a Spartan

Ok, so it's not news, but the new trailer "Birth of a Spartan" for Microsoft's Halo: Reach game is just sexy to look at. Don't believe me, hit the jump and look at it for yourself.

I got an email from the hype team at Microsoft yesterday talking about the trailer and I felt like giggling a bit when they suggested I take a look at it if I hadn't already. I doubt any Halo fans out there haven't seen it and so I was going to pass it up and move on with my day but then I had a peculiar thought:

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what if someone who is new to gaming (and doesn't have any gamer friends) and trusts you to bring them news of the latest and greatest things stops by this site and you haven't mentioned the trailer? What then little miss high and mighty?

After I stopped talking to myself I decided to post this video. There is a link below the video if you'd like to go to the official XBox 360 YouTube channel and watch it in high-definition.

You're welcome.

If you are a fan of our podcast you know I suck at Halo. That's not going to stop me from grabbing this game when it comes out, and this trailer is just slick enough to make yell "hell yeah" in my head when I watch it. Sometimes I do an air high-five when no one is looking. It's ok.

It's freaking Halo man!
High Def's

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