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Good Demo/Bad Demo: Wakeboarding HD and Lost Planet 2 Multiplayer

If you want scif-fi action or extreme sports action, I've got you covered. Let's check out 2 demos available on the PlayStation Network:

Lost Planet 2

Ahhh! It's time to hop in a VS suit and gun down some fools! As you read this, not only is the Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo out, but the full retail game is out as well. So whether you're a little anxious to buy another game this month, or if you're such a fan of the original Lost Planet that you've already put in your order, you can join in on the multiplayer.

The controls have not changed for the game, but  I had that newborn feeling the first time when I hopped into this multiplayer. Once you get adjusted (or readjusted) into Lost Planet's control scheme, fragging people all over the world is only a matter of time.

A word of warning, though: you'll be lucky to survive one grenade, let alone two. If someone throws a grenade, RUN! What makes the multiplayer in Lost Planet 2 are the tactics you can utilize. Everyone has a retractable hook which you can shoot to be propelled up a structure, allowing you to gain a lot of ground instead of running everywhere. 

You can also jump into any turrets or VS suits you find on the map. I wish more VS suits were available in multiplayer, because fighting in a mech is never not awesome.

I enjoyed the Lost Planet 2 multiplayer a hell of a lot- probably more than the single player demo many moons ago. I think Lost Planet 2 is at least a rental. Maybe not a definite buy, but this would be a great rental. Don't blame me if you suck at the game, though.

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Wakeboarding HD

How's it hangin, dudebrabro?

Every now and then I like to catch some super awesome gnarly waves, and Wakeboarding HD allows me to do that from the safety of my snuggly bed.

Wakeboarding HD is a perfectly competent game; it's challenging, looks good and handles well. Still, its lacking a little something. You get to play as 3 characters in this game, but there does not seem to be any advantage in picking one character over another. There is also no voice acting, so there seems to be no reason to have any characters to choose from. I know this is a downloadable game, so the budget may have not had it in the cards to include voices, but at least make the characters different!

I call this a bad demo, but only slightly so. Nothing is wrong with Weakeboarding HD at all, but as a person who is not very interested in sports, I need a little bit more to hook me.

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