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Hope Shines in the Wild West

In this age of day one DLC and games that never get a single patch, it’s nice to see developers going that extra mile for the fans. And no, this time I’m not talking about Naughty Dog.

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Rockstar recently released Red Dead Redemption, as if you didn’t already know. While this game is hard to call “unfinished” it certainly has its quirks: great story, though it gets slow at times, with a powerful ending that fits the game’s theme, amazing graphics for such a large and open world, and gameplay that’s player approved. So what’s the issue? Glitches galore.

There are plenty of odd things that can happen in single player, ranging from the occasional game freeze, to the rare breed of donkey woman. But more annoying, are the online glitches and sometimes faulty connections. I can’t count the times that I’ve been kicked from one free roam session to another because of connection issues. This of course might be my fault, but I never have issues with other games and always stay connected during private free roam even with multiple players, so for now, I’m chalking it up to the game. There’s also the issue of some challenges not registering, gang hideout missions never ending, and enemies spawning inside of rock walls that have to be killed with expertly placed sticks of dynamite.

But hope stands tall on the horizon. Rockstar has announced that they are sorry for all the glitches and are working hard on a patch for RDR as soon as possible. In the mean time, they are releasing two formerly preorder exclusive costumes for free as DLC.

Free DLC doesn’t make a good developer. Hard work that gets put into patches to keep the game fun, and running smoothly, that’s what makes a good developer. Sure, games like MW2 get their biannual ten dollar map packs and it keeps players satisfied and playing for a while, but it takes a real bold dev team to say “we messed up, but we’re fixing it.”

So thank you Rockstar, may you take your place amongst the most trusted game developing companies out there. I plan on playing a lot more Red Dead, even after I get that 100% in single player (stuck at 99.3% >_<) and I’m glad to know that when I find an issue, I can report it, and expect a fix to come out to keep the gaming fun and bug free.

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