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Good Demo/Bad Demo: Blade Kitten

It's Blade Kitten mo'fuckers!!!

No, it's not that exciting. Blade Kitten is an action/adventure title about a cat girl who makes her living as a bounty hunter.  She also has a cool sword that she controls telepathically.

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So that should be the formula for a rollicking good time, right? Maybe a little...

Let's get the formalities out of the way: Blade Kitten looks good, from its environments to the outfit design, Blade Kitten is the type of far-off  world I want to see in my games, and I don't mind its key configuration. What bugs me is that this game lacks a bit in its sophistication.

I think the character of Kit is novel (except  in Japan, where cat girls are a dime a dozen), and having this blade that can move into spots that are just out of reach for you is a smart game mechanic. Also, Blade Kitten has the SWEETEST double jump in the history of games. I think all double jumps pale in comparison. With all the super cuteness and visual candy Blade Kitten delivers, I wish it was faster, a third person adventure more befitting its hero. I think this game would be a lot more fun on a console. Luckily it will be available on consoles.

This is a good demo, but compared to other games, even other side-scrolling games, it lacks challenge. I think Kit Ballard has moves that a lot of other game heroes don't even deliver on, but those moves are wasted because the baddies and obstacles are something of a pushover.

Give this a whirl on PC, especially if you have a good video card. For me and my past-its-prime rig, even a cute kitten gave it trouble at a high resolution.

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