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It's Overwordingly Overwordy

The actual Consumer Electronics Show for 2011 has barely gotten started and already a few things are very apparent.

One of those things is demonstrated in this photo of yet another proposed iPad killer, the Motion Tablet PC. Just read the hype line underneath the name of the product: "Meticulously designed, thoroughly developed and purposefully built for business." Personally, I find that overwordingly overwordy.

Here's some more observations:

Biggest Disappointment (Thus Far)

You would expect a company named Bling to have something really fun -- perhaps a do-it-yourself diamond encrusting kit for the iPhone.

Nope. Bling makes a sticker that debits your credit card if the merchant is using an overly bulky "Blinger" terminal. That's it. A sticker. A sticker that takes money away from you. And the sticker is really ordinary looking -- not blinged out at all. What a disappointment.

Best Buffet (Thus Far)

Harrah's took a cue from the cruise lines and now offers an All Day Pass for its buffet for only $40. The extra bulk will surely keep 'em in their seats in the casino.

Biggest Crowd

The folks at Speck gathered the biggest crowd at Wednesday night's pre-show bash at Pepcom's Digital Experience party. Why? They were giving away free cases. Cases for practically any mobile device they sell. While most people were pretty picky about what free case they wanted, I chose to take an orphan -- the case that nobody wanted. Boy is NinJaSistah going to be disappointed.

Biggest Star

The biggest star I encountered at Pepcom was Walt Mossberg, the venerable gadget analyst for the Wall Street Journal. And exactly where did I find Mr. Mossberg? Well, one of his minions dragged him to the Trojan condom booth, where they were talking about (but not demonstrating) their new vibrator.

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