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Akiba'Strip Allows You to...Strip (Trailer)

Ever wondered "I really like the Yakuza series of games, but what if we replaced the gangsters with teenagers and added a forced stripping mechanic?

OK, here it is!

Akiba'Strip (I hope you got the joke of the title being both about a trip, and stripping people in Akihabara)  is about...something. Apparently there are supernatural girls, and it's up to your male hero to fight them, then strip them of their clothes. This is probably one of the only times outside of hentai that stripping a woman's clothes off could lead to saving the world.

Please, don't try this at home, folks. You'll certainly be arrested, or at least punched really hard.

Aquire is a developer of a lot of games I know about, but for some reason have not played. Akiba'Strip is due in mid April in Japan. Who knows if or when it will come to other countries. Who knows if it'll be allowed?

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