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Mario from Super Mario BrothersHello Monday! Hello Gamers! It's the Monday before the official start of E3 and we have a great "the sistah's talk E3 before even going to it" episode of the podcast ready for your ears to enjoy.

Rockstar Games announced a partnership with Verve Records to offer the games' soundtrack in both an original recording and "old-meets-new" remix set on May 5th that would be available on May 17th I've had a chance to listen to both music sets now and I have to say I like them both, but the remix set is slightly more enjoyable.


For some people (like me) there have been errors on the PSN Store when trying to navigate it. This is the Statement Sony has on their site. UPDATE: Due to high traffic on PlayStation Store, you may encounter error messages or

Just when you thought it was safe to browse the Playstation Network Store

If you're a fan of the Blade movies, then keep your eyes on G4TV this summer. G4 has the rights to show all the Marvel/Madhouse collaborations, which are: Iron Man, X-men, Wolverine and Blade. The most information you can get is

After showing us a stunning gameplay trailer, Saints Row has come back to show us a little more about what The Third is all about. They also give us a November release date. I really hope there's a drunken party minigame.

Big fans o YuYu Hakusho have no doubt gotten the scent of this deal, but to the unconverted and curious amongst you,this might be a good time as any to try it out. It's an old title, but I've heard that

Sometimes you wonder just how much Jaopanese creators know about American culture. This creator, Manga-ka of the ecchi "relationship" series Yomerio Choice, definitely knows who the superhero Spider-man is. This is not a straight-up cameo from Spider-man, though. Since this is