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"Tiger and Bunny" Bring You Superhero Fun and Folly

The Avengers? No. Justice League? Uh-uh.

Ahh. Like having an ice-cold soda, watching Tiger and Bunny is very refreshing. Tiger & Bunny not only warms my anime-loving heart, but it gives my Superhero comic-loving self a tickle on top of that. I say this, but I don't think this is a show that has you saying "WOW, where have you been all my life?" by the end of the first episode. It is not a bad first episode in any way, but this is not a stunning classic.

What Tiger & Bunny can be called is a show that you will continually be entertained by, week after week. To do that is not a feat most TV shows can promise. Tiger & Bunny is, at first, the story of Kotetsu Kaburagi, codename Wild Tiger. Wild Tiger is one of the heroes who save Stern Bild City (don't ask me why they named it so strangely), but Wild Tiger is not the type of hero fit for this futuristic world. You see, in this world, superheroes not only save the day, but they also get points for saving people and capturing the bad guys. Imagine if the cards, books, and various character-related paraphernalia we own had a real-life hero attached to it; this is that world.

With the sagging popularity of Wild Tiger, and the fact that Kotetsu is not as young as he used to be,  the corporation he works for is bought up, and Kotetsu gets a partner. Barnaby Brooks (AKA Bunny, as Kotetsu calls him) is not Tiger's sidekick, but with Tiger being older and more experienced, you wonder why he isn't.  Both Tiger and Bunny are given mech suits which give them 5 minutes of super power. This is, ah, a strange point of the show. Why do these guys need super suits when they both have their own super powers? I guess it's to be more durable and strong in battle. Never mind that. Just a nitpick.

What should be focused on are the relationships between all these superheroes. Tiger & Bunny is funny oftentimes, and has moments of seriousness, usually involving Barnaby's quest for justice. There is only so much I can say about Tiger & Bunny in words. Tiger and Bunny is visually impressive, from its CGI superhero models to the regular character designs and the cityscape. Tiger & Bunny is for people who love tokusatsu like Power Rangers, magical girls, American superheroes or just an action-comedy shows. The show is one of my favorite of Spring '11.

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