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The Catherine Wait is Almost Over!

I'm ready to choose my Catherine- Are you?

Greetings Everyone- Atlus Enthusiast-Pandlicious here. We've heard me talk about this particular game before and today is ideally the eye before the storm. Catherine releases here in the U.S in approximately 24 hours!

Hardcore lovers of this title played the Japanese demo- and clamored for the release here in the states. We got what we wanted, the rest of us fell for it's appeal through it's appearances at places like: Pax EAST and E3. Once the demo was available on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live many of us spent hours memorizing the puzzles and attempting to achieve the gold trophy for the levels, myself included.

Most people are still not too sure how this game will fare in the market since it isn't a tradition visual novel or platform puzzler. In fact, it is classified as a survival horror platforming puzzle game. It has adult themes- which we all know means sexual suggestion.

None of this deters our excitement for the game's American debut- I know I have not been swayed. I am fully committed to this pending relationship. Are you?

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