Alice in Wonderland is one of the most imagined and re-imagined stories ever told.  Some are charming and others are deeply disturbing, but none have ever been as gritty and violent as American McGee’s Alice.  Since the story is often seen as an innocent tale of imagination, it was refreshing to see it from the viewpoint of insanity.  Eleven years later, a sequel comes out to refresh us once again.  Alice: Madness Returns is definitely the follow-up to its counterpart from 2000, but does it live up to what it did for the story and, possibly even more important, is it any fun?

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In this episode the ladies talk about a bunch of things: San Diego Comic-Con announcements that rocked their worlds (like the pending Amazing Spider Man movie and the ever teased and sure to please Avengers flick) and so much more.

I'm ready to choose my Catherine- Are you? Greetings Everyone- Atlus Enthusiast-Pandlicious here. We've heard me talk about this particular game before and today is ideally the eye before the storm. Catherine releases here in the U.S in approximately 24 hours! Hardcore

At PAX East this past year Autumn Games was hosting a preview of Skullgirls, a 2D anime-influenced fighter in the same vein as Street Fighter. There you were able to try out as two of the characters: Filia and Cerebella, Going hands-on with it back then I was drawn in to its visual and fighting style, but I felt that the women lacked a sort of variety, leaving me a bit cautious of this title. At E3 this year Reverge Labs and Autumn Games showcased a third character to the Skullgirls realm, and it was here where I started to find the strong variety this game can showcase.

Last December, I forked out twenty big ones to Telltale Games with the promise that I would be getting treated to a new adventure in the Back to the Future universe.  Eight months later, the series of episodes promised me have come to an end.  As an avid fan of the movie trilogy I was terrified that this game would tarnish the good name of the franchise, but ever hopeful that it would live up to it.  I’m glad to say that as the credits rolled, I thought truly felt as though I had just finished watching Back to the Future: Part 4.

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2009's MadWorld was my favorite game of 2009 (and what first made me buy a Wii in the first place), so when word got out that Jack and the rest of the best characters from that title were to return to the console world in Anarchy Reigns my heart began to pound ecstatically. At E3 I was able to go hands-on with the online brawler, the end results of which left a bittersweet taste in my mouth.

It seems that nowadays the survival-horror genre is a thing of the past.  Where atmosphere and storytelling were once paramount in the design of games deemed scary, action seems to be main thing on people’s mind.  This is surely not a bad thing as it brings about games like Dead Space and Resident Evil 5, both fantastic games in their own right.  The main issue with these games is you are decked out like a marine, so the scariness gets a bit watered down by the giant guns you get to shove in your back pocket.  Just when I had all but given up on finding a truly scary game, I stumbled across Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

It's Embrace Your Geekness Day today, and I was bouncing around the interwebs looking for neat things to share when I came across a video of a gamer who specifically set out to get the lowest score possible on the classic Nintendo game Super Mario Bros., completing the game and without dying. Hit the jump and check out the video and let us know what you think: genius or madness?