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Is "Persona 4: The Animation" Friendly to Newbies?


Persona 4 is a GREAT game. The Persona series has grown into one of the best RPG series of all time, and it deserves praise. So what happens when you take that plot and turn it into an animated series? For one thing, you don't get something for everyone.

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I've seen the first episode of Persona 4: The Animation, and now I can see why the previous Persona anime was made. Making such a faithful translation of a Persona game, instead of just using the core concepts, does good things for one group and one group only: Persona fans.

Here's my copy of Persona 4. Where's yours?

I don't think it's impossible to be interested in this anime with no prior knowledge of Persona or Persona 4, but I think Persona 4: The Animation moves along at such a pace that it almost feels like a couple invited you out  to dinner, and all that they talked about were inside jokes and references. It's not like there's a lot of winking and nodding going on, but for those of us who have played the game, we get more out of this show than the uninitiated.

Check out Persona 4 on The Anime Network or Hulu (I recommend downloading Hulu Desktop as well) and tell me If I'm wrong on my assumptions about this show.


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