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The Great Boston Nerd Schism of 2012

It has FINALLY happened; We are totally Frakked!

As many of you know, when ESH was born, I was the strong voice of anime. I have my opinions and by hook or by crook you were all gonna listen to me. I talked about the anime that I liked whether it was good, bad or just plain bizarre. It didn't really matter. Some of you enjoyed my passion-filled rants, while others found me to be crass and a tad bit spoiler-ish.

-Both of which are true-

I shared my accounts at the biggest Anime convention that came close enough for me to attend: Anime Boston. This was my nirvana, my heaven, that special place just for me...and thousands of others just like me. People talked in memes or known stock anime quotes. Voice actors were sometimes close enough to touch. Pure Bliss in its most basic form. I know I must sound nostalgic here, and I am. Since it has been YEARS since I've returned to that much loved place.

In high school, I would talk to my two closest friends.(And yes, I had friends in high school and they weren't imaginary.) I'd often tell them, that I would produce massive amounts of progeny and all of them would love anime just like their mother. Needless to say, I am now twenty-seven, not married or have any children. High school me would be SO pissed right now. However, now I find myself pondering if I still deep down feel that way, and the answer is no.

I will not mass produce hordes of my genetic makeup for the sole purpose of perpetuating my own habits and hobbies. That's what my clone is for. I kid. Most people would say I've "aged out" This is a term that many will associate with deviant behavior such as juvenile delinquency, multiple levels of petty larceny etc. Some would just say I am a snob. Those are my choices: Old or Snob.

This year something that I was internally speculating occurred, so I felt it necessary to talk about it. Anime Boston 2012 is happening at the exact same time as PAX EAST 2012. That is right: the exact same weekend. AB2K12 has been around since 2003 giving it a tenure of 9 years, nearly a decade. So if I were them, I would feel strong enough to take on any newcomers. I think they underestimated the power of gaming nerds.

Anime Boston may be feeling their herd thinning as many are making the switch to the new shiny toy in the box: PAX EAST. They've made preparations to offer shuttles between to two venues to give patrons the option to do both instead of making a cut throat decision, but it is felt by some that that could be an underlying pitfall waiting to be exposed.

We are finally witnessing a "Nerd Schism" and I'm intrigued to see who the victor of it will be. it may shape the course of the nerd history as we know it.

So What do you guys think? Do you think I may have a point or that I'm just as nutty as I was back in 2006? I want to hear your thoughts so bring 'em on!

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