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Jump Cut Productions Debuts Two New AMVs to Compete at AB2K12!

And ESH is getting a sneak peek

Every once in a while here on ESH, I talked about the AMV contest that occurres at Anime Boston. Even though I never participated, I still appreciated everything I got to experience. Sadly, I haven't been back in years- but that doesn't mean we can't see what is going on.

With that said cue in Jump Cut Productions.

This isn't the first time Jump Cut Productions has submitted their work for the AMV Contest, in 2009 we got ourselves a taste of what they had to offer--here's that video.

This year, Jump Cut Productions has created two very distinct videos. They've given me the privilege to showcase them here. If you are going AB2K12- then need I say more. Jump Cut Productions needs some love! So do your part and cast your vote! The categories they are competing in are : Action and Comedy. You'll be able to tell which AMV is for which category- trust me.

First I'll share my personal favorite of the two. This one is called "Shut Up and Drive" It is an Rideback AMV. For those who don't know much about Rideback then you haven't been paying attention to me during some of my anime rants. I gave this anime some serious attention and this AMV should help you understand why.

Lastly, we have a Soul Eater AMV entitled "Professor Frankin Von Stein". If the title doesn't give you a clue as to why it's funny--then you've all made me feel a tad bit older than I actually am. T.T

So What did you guys think? I will be sure to talk about these videos more in depth on the Land Of ESH Facebook fan page.

I have always been inwardly and outwardly jealous of people who master the art of editing, and then on top of that are able to manipulate anime this well. I envy them the way I envy sketch artists...all of you with your damn talent...Ugh don't get me started. *cough*

Jump Cut Productions will be at AB2K12 for the whole event, so if you get the chance to meet them you definitely should and if you do- tell 'em Pandalicious said hi.

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