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While enjoying one of my favorite video reviewers, I came across another reviewer: Vixen. It doesn't hurt to try something new, so I checked out Vixen's reviews. Vixen reviews a wide variety of anime, so no matter your taste, she's probably watched a show you're interested in. I decided to show you her review of Vandread, one of my favorite anime.

Spec Ops: The Line is about a squad of soldiers who investigate what has happened to their compatriots, who have gone rogue and are committing atrocities.

What;s unique about this game? Sand. The game is set in Dubai; there is a lot of sand. You can use sand to your advantage in accomplishing your mission, like, for example, burying dudes alive. Also, Nolan North!

Check it out!

Nvidia recently released a new video card to the masses. Does it measure up? Does it unseat the previous top dog the AMD Radeon 7970? Read on to find out.

One strategy that Nintendo has had for its most current handheld system has been reaching back into the past.  So far, Nintendo has taken two of the best games ever made on the system, polished up the graphics and released them in 3D.  In a perplexing move, the next title that has been announced on to be redone in three dimensions is none other than Superman 64.  While I can certainly see the appeal of being able to fly through Metropolis in 3D, it seems like there could have been many other games ahead of this one to be remade.  Click ahead to see a few more surprising details about this newest Nintendo 64 remake.