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Helpful tips and hints for StarHawk Multiplayer

Starhawk is not only a great game, and incredibly fun. However, if you're just starting out in this wild landscape, you might need some help to get ahead, and keep your own deaths to a minimum.


1. Hawk Vs Dude? Dude wins!
It's not easy fighting a Hawk. They're larger and have greater firepower than you, but they aren't impossible to destroy when it's just human(oid) to Hawk. In fact, with your default loadout (your rifle and 3 grenades), you can destroy a Hawk, provided that it is in bipedal form. Make sure to aim those grenades right at its center. All 3 grenades can turn a Hawk to scrap, but hitting a moving target with them is tough. So if you you run out of grenades, finish the Hawk off with your gun.


2. This game is about conservation, so please share!

When building what you need is so simple, you might tend to get carried away. There is a limit to the number of structures your team can build (32), so if you build garages all over the place every time you need a ride, you might be handicapping your teammates!


3. Supply bunkers are an infiltrator's best friend

If you're like me, and you make sabotaging bases a priority, then the opposition's supply bunker is a cozy temporary home to hole up in. The weapons in a bunker are up for grabs to EVERYONE, so you can stock up on a few rockets, destroy enemy turrets through the window, kill unsuspecting visitors, and blow up the bunker when you're done having your fun.

Mean, I know, but this is space war!

4. You want to capture the flag? You know how to ride a Sidewinder?

Certain vehicles are better for the job than others, and for my Rift energy, I'm going with the Sidewinder bike when it comes to being successful in capturing the flag for your team. Obviously, it's a better bet than running with the flag, and you can't fly a jetpack with the flag. The Sidewinder's what you need when you want to be sneaky, jet off, and be a hard target for anyone chasing you.

5. There are weapons that shoot, and then there are weapons that drop.

Besides killing people the conventional way, you can build up your structures while you smash anyone who's foolish enough to get in your way. You can kill someone as you drop down in your pod, or you can drop a structure on them. Either way, you've got a kill!


These tips will get you off to a running start in multiplayer, but there is so much more in store for you as the online war rages on.

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