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ESH NEWS | ESH Joins EGMNOW in Partner Program

Ice Cube said it best, "I gotta say, it was a good day!"

On behalf of the team here at ESH, I am happy to announce that we are taking our game to a whole new level by joining the EGMNOW.com Partner Program. We will join the inaugural class of content partners which includes DigitalNoob, Coin-Op TV, 8-Bit Envy, and HipHopGamer, to name a few. Not a bad group of people to be associated with, am I right?

But what does this mean for ESH?

To start, it means that all of our editorials, reviews, previews, and general nerdy-type thoughts will be found at EGMNOW.com/ElectricSistaHood. We promise to remain true to our core: for gamers, by gamers.On EGMNOW, we will continue to publish our fun, irreverent, and yet informative style of writing and opinion-type articles. Rest assured that our podcast home will always be here at ElectricSistaHood.com, and we will continue to bring you new hour long episodes each week chock full of the ESH-ness you know and love.

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It also means, that we will be able to get our articles out and in front of an even larger piece of the gaming community, which is both exciting, terrifying, and humbling. The era of the ESH typo is over people!

So, update your bookmarks! Tweet and Facebook the be-jeebus out of this news to your social networking buddies. The place to be is EGMNOW.com/ElectricSistaHood. Become a fan of our page on EGMnow.com and stay "in the know" on what's hot and what's not from the team at the Land of ESH.

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