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E3 2012 | Workin' Out Was Never This Fun!: Zumba, Fitness Core

Party your way to a better you!

With the introduction of the Kinect (from Microsoft), Playstation Move (from Sony), and Wii Motion (from Nintendo) there has been a massive surge in the number of games in the fitness genre. Many of these games are designed to appeal to the healthier side of life. Many gamers enjoy being active. Sales of these motion based play systems prove this, so it's not a stretch to believe that we (the already stereotyped inactive, living at home with our parents gamers) may desire to better ourselves with out the stigma of going to a gym and being internally – and maybe even externally –  judged.

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Fans of motion and rhythm based gameplay are constantly looking for an alternative to the traditional "hit the gym" workout experience. Enter Zumba Fitness®. According to the folks at Aaptiv, Zumba Fitness® has left it's mark on the fitness industry. Boasting over 12 million weekly class participants in over 110,000 locations across 125 countries, the appeal of Zumba Fitness is hard to ignore. The brand offers several types of consumer products ranging from music CD's, at home fitness training DVD's, as well as video games.

Announced today at E3, is Zumba Fitness® Core, the latest addition to the Zumba Fitness® franchise from publisher Majesco. Initially, the franchise got knocked around a bit for some of its shortcomings. Issues like the lack of tangible methods of performance measurement had a definite impact on sales. This kept players from being able to effectively track their progress – something that no gamer enjoys – and there was no definitive way to confirm that this type of gameplay DID in fact impact their physical well-being.

Having spent some hands-on time with the newly announced title today, I can honestly say game developer Pipeworks Software took the player feedback to heart. I got to experience a sweat inducing, high energy and fun-filled alternative to the everyday gym experience playing Zumba Fitness® Core.

As a player, I never felt rushed or left behind by the ongoing party on the screen. I had plenty of time to learn the routine correctly, while receiving a performance summary once I finished it.

If you are the kind of person who taps their foot to the beat whenever you hear it, or is looking for a no pressure way to get a bit more active each day, then Zumba Fitness® Core is a title that should be on your radar.

Zumba Fitness® Core is scheduled for release on 10/1/12, and will retail for $49.99 or $39.99 on the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii respectively.

To learn more, visit the Zumba Fitness game website

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