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ESH Podcast Episode 307: Nintendo Wants to Own Every Core Suffix

Wanna hear the girls talking the WiiU? You've come to the right show.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

This monday brings a gadget intensive episode of the ESH podcast.The hottest news last week was the reveal of the WiiU release date and confirmed price point. During the WiiU press conference news about some anticipated titles were also revealed. The Sistahs talk it out the best way they know how: loudly and with big sticks.

One the indie side of the world, The Sistahs and friends will be heading to MIT this upcoming Saturday for the first ever Boston Festival of Indie Games (BFIG). Curious about what they will see? Here you'll find the article from our "little brother" KBD on the BFIG Game Line Up. Check it out.

Panda tried very hard to get through this episode WITHOUT Ninja talking about Apple's reveal of the iPhone 5. Needless to say she epically failed. What kind of show would this be is she won every argument...a BORING one--that's what.

The would be titles are coming! the wish-they-were titles are coming. Do you have a favorite?

What's Better Than Meh? Meh-Kay

Panda's Not Jaded, She's Just Not That Jaded

I Just Want More Pleasure Pony Torture

Mispronouncing Ad Nauseum Is Just Nauseum

Siri: Making Women Driver's More Lost

Get your emergency food rations ready for this hunger inducing podcast. Here is ESH Podcast Episode # 307: Nintendo Wants to Own Every Core Suffix.

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