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ESH Podcast Episode #329: You Should Just Agree Because I'm Correct.

This monday brings with it a very special guest, Mayor Young from Fantastic Forum and Gecken

The Sistahs love when they have company and it definitely shows. The three of them discuss the Assassin's Creed + Pirate news and touch upon the beginning of the march game lineup.
Why we haven't made this man an offer to be on the show is beyond us.

What do you think? Could the Sistahs need a Mistah?

We don't have many would be titles this week but regardless we are going to share them.
Here you go:

Ubisoft Should Have Left That Information In Their Dream Journal

Only Non-Believers Think We Won't Be Able To Get Through God of War In a Day

I Got a Crew -- You Ain't In It -- That's What You Just Said To Me

We Can Say Anything We Want About Hot Mess -- He Never Listens

So please enjoy ESH Podcast Episode # 329: You Should Just Agree Because I'm Correct.

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