This monday brings with it a very special guest, Mayor Young from Fantastic Forum and Gecken

The Sistahs love when they have company and it definitely shows. The three of them discuss the Assassin's Creed + Pirate news and touch upon the beginning of the march game lineup.
Why we haven't made this man an offer to be on the show is beyond us.

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What do you think? Could the Sistahs need a Mistah?

We don't have many would be titles this week but regardless we are going to share them.
Here you go:

Ubisoft Should Have Left That Information In Their Dream Journal

Only Non-Believers Think We Won't Be Able To Get Through God of War In a Day

I Got a Crew -- You Ain't In It -- That's What You Just Said To Me

We Can Say Anything We Want About Hot Mess -- He Never Listens

So please enjoy ESH Podcast Episode # 329: You Should Just Agree Because I'm Correct.

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