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The Winter 2013 Anime, Pt. 2: Meh City

This is going to be the category with the largest number of titles included. Instead of being a downright stinky season, Winter 2013 turned out to be just...there. What you might notice here is that I am quite a softy. I've given a lot of these shows a pass. Don't hold back your comments if you feel a show shouldn't be in this category.

Ai Mai Me


This'll be the only show that gets two images instead of one, and you can imagine why.  Short shows are a big thing now, and Ai Mai Mi is one of them. Short anime tend to be comedies, and comedy is already a hard sell at the typical half hour length. So what got me with Ai Mai Mi was just the utter absurdity of it all. Anything can and will happen in this show about 3 silly schoolgirls.  While it is meh (these short shows have typically bad art) it's a high meh. If gag manga is your thing, you have seen many anime about school girls doing increasingly ridiculous things, so Ai Mai Mi has stiff competition.

# of episodes watched: ALL

GJ Club

Not that good of a job, club! Ah, the cliches, the cliches. Oh, we've never seen a very short character, or a tsundere character, or a hungry character, or- can I just stop now? It's basically a harem gathered in an after school club, a club that's not particularly about anything. Even with the boredom this show's characters force on me, there is still enough wit at the edges of GJ Club to allow me to not completely despise it.

# of episodes watched: 1


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