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What's Worth Watching? Spring 2013 Anime Impressions

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MAN! I have watched a ton of anime this season, all to save you time in going through all of these shows on your own. Remember, if you still want to watch those bad shows after you've been warned, it's at your own peril!

Gargantia on the Verduous Planet

It feels good to have a mecha show that plays things a little differently. Yes, we have a young male hero piloting a mech. The situation our mecha hero is involved in, however, isn't about wars between governments or high school life. The story involves Ledo, a soldier who is separated from his people and tossed onto a planet that shouldn't really exist.

The most unique element of Gargantia is that our silver-haired hero doesn't speak the same language as the people he allies himself with, and will have to rely on his mech's AI to translate for him. There are so many elements of Gargantia that have been thoughtfully plotted that make it worth watching this season.

Worth Watching? YES!

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Red Data Girl

When I read a description of Red Data Girl for the first time, I was so confused. If you've read about the premise, you might have been perplexed by it, too. I don't even remember what I read about it, but as soon as I watched the show, much of the confusion melted away, and I knew that I was looking at a magnificently composed anime. Our protagonist and her unique malady is interesting, the people around her are interesting, and the show is GORGEOUS! No other show even touches Red Data Girl when it comes to beauty and attention to detail. For background images alone, I would watch this show.

Worth Watching? YES!

Available on Funimation, Hulu, The Anime Network

Sparrow's Hotel

Ugh. What the hell is this? In the previous season, I struggled to find good shows, and the quickie show Senyu was one of those. Now we're back to more crap. I can't believe that anyone would like this show. It's ugly, but I can forgive poor animation and poor quality if the show is funny or interesting. No, this show is not worth a damn. I think that putting out a 3 minute show is extremely difficult, because you have to serve your audience in such a short space. Sparrow's Hotel is just babbling, and the creators hope you get what they're going for. Don't. Bother.

Worth Watching? NO!

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Sooooo, boobs. This show's not all about breasts, or maybe it is, since I've only watched one episode. Mushibugyo is not just some clever Japanese wordplay (mushi=bug) but also a show about a young man who wants to live up to the legacy of his father-- by killing gigantic bugs and such. Then breasts come in, and spiders who shoot their "web" all over women, conveniently. I am a man of forgiveness. I can overlook the ickiness of Mushibugyo's female troubles, but even without cleavage and helpless, improperly dressed girls in it, the show's not that good. On the positive tip, it does have a strong visual style.

Worth Watching? On the Fence.

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