gallery_2_83_48845 You knew this was coming.....duh!

In the world in which the sistahs live, they meet once a week to talk about the things that matter to the state of the country, double digit inflation and stem cell research.

ARCADE BLOCK: Epic Gamer Gear, Delivered Monthly. Join Now. Geek Tested. Nerd Approved.

Ha...I could barely type that without busting out laughing loud.
This week the girls talk XboxOne news, catch up on anime and lastly talking about their latest gaming addiction: Naughty-Dog's The Last of Us.

So here are all the Firefly pendants Panda found this week:
Shugo Chara Gave Me Cavities

Anime To Sleep By

I Should Just Stop Wearing White Pants

Friends Can't Be Lovers. with Xbox, They Can.

We Bullied Microsoft Into SubmissionN

That's What Happens When You're An Adult Gamer

He Can Hear What Other People See

Here is ESH Podcast Episode #343:The Way You Play Games Today Is How You'll Play Them Tomorrow. Naked?

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