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ESH Podcast Episode #352: Once again, Disney is not this week

352 Disney is gonna get ticked off really soon...

Gamescom Gamescom, Gamescom. Ninja starts this week's show talking about some news to come from the that gaming convention. The biggest news being the confirmed release date for the next gen console, the PS4.

The sistahs discuss what that could mean for Sony. and what it could potentially mean for Microsoft. If that wasn't enough the girls once again bumped Disney from its number one spot. How sad for Disney.

Panda talks about the fate of MMOs with the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn and Bethesda's up and coming Elder Scrolls online. Both games are taking the Blizzard approach with paid subscriptions. With the resurgence of free-to-play MMOs will they make a lasting impression? Panda is unsure and concerned.

If you wanna know what how they tackled the subject, there is only one thing left to do. Listen to the show of course.

These are all the second rate titles that couldn't get their passports in time to go to Germany.

If someone asks if you would do a Norse god, you say yes!

Rubs does not rhyme with hugs

Excuse me, let me get the drool off her

Stupidity? I have it

We DO know when Steve Ballmer's going to leave

Don't kill the dog and expect the game to be popular

That pouch gives me the Skeevies

We'll never get Walgreens for a sponsor now

With a release schedule like this, buy stock in eBay

I find free–to–play so much more affordable

Do you know why your ex–boyfriends are ex's? They sucked

I should have an Awesome sticker for my modesty, but that wouldn't be modest

Later is always better than never so here is ESH Podcast Episode # 352: Once again, Disney is not this week.

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