Podcast Image for Episode 4008 years, over 30 guests, and more tangents and drunken game reviews than you can shake a stick at. That's right, episode 400 of the ESH Cast and here and it's as fun as its 399 predecessors.

Podcast Episode GraphicSo much video game news, so little time. Well, not exactly. This week the ladies of ESH talk about Gamescom 2014, including BioWare's Shadow Realms announcement, Ninja Theory's Hellblade, and the plethora of survival horror/suspense games on the horizon.

Panda's wallet will not be participating in this year's Broke B*tch Months–she is too broke already.

podcast episode graphicTrying to change our minds is tough. It would be like trying to convince us that melted marshmallows on bread is a bad idea. Marshmallow Fluff is NEVER a bad idea, and neither is listening to this week's podcast episode!