podcast episode graphicTrying to change our minds is tough. It would be like trying to convince us that melted marshmallows on bread is a bad idea. Marshmallow Fluff is NEVER a bad idea, and neither is listening to this week's podcast episode!

This week's show is bursting at the seems with industry news and blockbuster summer movie editorials. Ninja devotes a chunk of the show to talking about the Nintendo Direct which will goes live tonight (August 4th) at 11pm. Specifically, she's goes on and one about how one of the focal points of the Nintendo Direct is rumored to be Hyrule Warriors, a game that Ninja is eagerly awaiting to get her hands on.

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The news about the Playstation Now beta doesn't knock anyone's socks off. The pricing structure alone needs its own map to navigate it successfully. (Thank goodness we have the web.) Then Pandalicious is off to talk about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Guardians of the Galaxy movies, WITHOUT SPOILERS YOU GUYS! This is huge news. Then NinJa finishes out the show talking about how big, and successful the Destiny Beta was, and hopes for the game's release on September 9th.

So grab something delicious to drink and enjoy ESH Cast Episode #397: You Could Try To Change Our Minds, But You Won't

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