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ESH Cast # 426: If It's Not Kissy-Kissy, That's Fine, But It's Not

With a title like this you wouldn't believe just how long we talk about Apple

This week's episode had a little bit of everything: some nostalgia about the recently passed PAX EAST 2015, conversations about the latest news coming out of Apple, some brief chit chat about Ori and the Blind Forest, which was recently released for the XBOX One, and lastly a brief trip down anime road.

Ninja jumps right in and talks about the Apple Watch and the newly upgraded Macbook series of computers. Ninja contemplates her medium "baller" status while talking about the three levels of watches. Panda gripes about the new USB-C nonsense, and by the end of it, comes to embrace USB-C as the way it is going to be.

Ninja then talks about her time with Ori and the Blind Forest She has ALL THE FEELS for Ori. So will you.

On the subject feels, Panda talks about a romance anime called My Little Monster that she caught on Crunchyroll. It showcases consistent romantic antics and drama that anyone watching it would completely understand and appreciate.

No more waiting for you. Here is ESH Cast #426:If It's Not Kissy-Kissy, That's Fine, But It's Not.

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