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E3 2015 | Cracking That Whip With "Chibi-Robo!" Platformer

A tiny robot is about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Nintendo's little buddy Chibi-Robo has done some incredible tasks, but until now it was all in the comfort of his own home. This time around he gets to be a real hero, in his latest game Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash.

This title has Chibi-Robo using his power chord not just to charge himself up, but also attack various enemies and reach taller destinations. With these skills he can attack foes from the greatest of lengths, whether it's right next to him or even high in the rafters. In some instances the tiny machine will also come across from pretty useful power-ups that will make clearing various areas a breeze. However as you play you need to keep a watch on how much power Chibi-Robo has, for if it drops down to zero then you'll have to start again from your last checkpoint.

At E3 I was given the chance to try out two of the levels that will be featured in Zip Lash. The first had me traverse some enemy-heavy areas with a few tricky obstacles thrown in. I came across one of the power-ups in a couple places, which had Chibi-Robo overcharge itself to the point of being set on fire, taking out enemies and barriers that were in my way. In some places I had to use my power chord's ricocheting skills to not only reach tall areas, but also evade any damaging areas that may cause me to lose power. Towards the end I stumbled on a small alien, and after backtracking to an area I was able to call upon his spaceship and help send him on his merry little way.

The second level I played was quite humorous, as it had Chibi-Robo water-skiing and pulling off tricks on some jumps. If you time yourself right you can make larger leaps and grab any items that are in the air. In one instance I jumped so high that I reached what appeared to be a hidden area in the clouds, which allowed me to grab some extra goodies and some much-needed power. It's quite the goofy sight to behold when viewing this tiny robot aiming to go for the gold, but at the same time it's all the more fun to help him succeed.

Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash so far has the potential to be an unlikely hit for Nintendo. While it has a following of sorts the Chibi-Robo! franchise has not yet hit the notoriety of his fellow Nintendo mascots. That may finally change once his newest adventure hits the 3DS on October 9th. (It might also help that Chibi-Robo! will have his own amiibo, which can activate a power that will make the character not-so-chibi anymore.) Until then players should prepare their whipping skills, because come this fall the skills of this tiny robot might even have the likes of Simon Belmont feeling all slack-jawed!

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