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E3 2015 | The Case is Afoot In Jake & Finn’s Latest Adventure

For the past few years the Adventure Time games have been throwing nods within their titles to classic RPG adventures and dungeon crawlers. This time around Jake the Dog and Finn the Human take a page out of LucasArts’ book, as Vicious Cycle and Little Orbit take the duo on a new route with Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations.

Taking place sometime after “The Cooler” episode of the TV series the game has you take on a few episodic cases in the same way Jake & Finn’s parents once did years ago. With Joshua and Margret’s “tickertype” working again the device tells the duo of the many cases that take place within the Land of Ooo. Each case will have you chatting with locals, discover clues that will help with solving each mystery, and finding new items that can be combined for various useful purposes.


The demo had Jake & Finn attempt to save a framed Abracadaniel, who is blamed for making a mess of things in the Candy Kingdom. As he is locked in the prison you must discover clues from the scene of the crime that will find him innocent. One you fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle you’ll have to break out Abracadaniel, and then bring him back to Wizard City safely. Soon after you must find out who committed the deed in the first place.

Of course an Adventure Time game wouldn’t be complete without some fight scenes, all done in a battle arena-styled brawl. Controlling Finn has you using your sword, as Jake fends off any other enemies that are in the area. If you are able to build up enough stamina Jake & Finn can then combine their strengths to be a more powerful force, such as the Jake Suit or the Jake Top. It’s quite a fun sight to see a bunch of helpless Banana Guards being smashed to mush by a young hero stuffed in a muscular dog’s mouth.


Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations will feature roughly five cases, with more possibly added on via DLC. The entire cast will be reprising their roles, with even Emo Philips returning as the Grayble. Throughout the game there will also be some hidden nods and jokes from past episodes. (One involving a cake for a certain cop gave me a big laugh.)

Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations will be out this November for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, and 3DS.

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