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New Outing From Bethesda Softworks Shows Promise

The team over at Bethesda works hard at pleasing – or appeasing, I can't remember which – the gamer community. I have watched people spend days (and I do mean days) non-stop questing through The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim...but then they took an arrow to the knee.

Next week, Bethesda will be showing off The Elder Scrolls Online which brings the popular MMORPG. Set nearly a millennia before Skyrim with the evil prince Molag Bal trying to descend all of Tamriel into his nasty demonic realm. They will also be showing off a new IP called Dishonored. The more I see of this game, the more interested in it I become.

The game is set in the very steampunk inspired city of Dunwall, an industrial whaling city where bunch of really powerful and really out of place technology and otherworldly forces can be found. You play as the former bodyguard of the beloved Empress who has been framed for her murder. Not such a good thing. So what's a highly skilled and out of work bodyguard to do? You become an assassin of course!

Much like Heavy Rain the outcome of the game will vary based on how you play it. If you are the sneaky squirrel type that likes to strategize and and use stealth you will get one outcome. For the "slice first, ask questions later" types, yet another ending is in store.

You can at the Dishonored website, and look form my hands on review later in the week.

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