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NEWS | "Whispering Willows" Launches On PS4, Vita

After a successful Kickstarter two years ago LOOT Interactive and Night Light Interactive are happy to announce that their first Summer title of the year, Whispering Willows, will be out on PS4 and Vita today.

Whispering Willows has players control young Elena Elkhorn, a brave adventurer who must solve the mystery of her missing father. While exploring a haunted mansion Elena gathers clues, meets a cast of unforgettable ghostly characters and uses her magical amulet to take spirit form and commune with the souls of the departed.

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Whispering Willows is a captivating adventure that embodies the kind of memorable, challenging gameplay we want LOOT to become known for,” said LOOT Interactive's managing director David Sterling. “We love the original gameplay, hand-painted artwork and compelling story that Whispering Willows offers and we’re thrilled to kick off LOOT Interactive’s summer release schedule with such a unique title.”

Whispering Willows is available today as a two-way cross-buy for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita for $12.49 ($9.99 for PlayStation Plus members), which includes a limited edition PS4 dynamic theme (sold separately at $3.99).

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