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ESH Holiday Gift Guide 2015 | "Yo-Kai Watch" (Nintendo 3DS)

After a young child unlocks a friendly ghost creature, they becomes entrusted with a special watch that helps him seek out mischievous spirits known as Yo-Kai. Once he battles Yo-Kai he can befriend them and use them to take on other Yo-Kai in the near-future. Together with Whisper, Jibanyan, and the rest of the Yo-Kai Watch cast you will be tasked to solve problems and take on tasks that range from the ordinary to the supernatural.

I Recommend It Because...

Yo-Kai Watch is the big thing in Japan right now, with games, anime, candy, films, and plushies featuring these characters selling like hotcakes. After a couple years of waiting the Western world now finally has a chance to see what all the fuss is all about with the first 3DS game. After playing these last couple of weeks I can see why gamers in Japan were quick to fall in love with the game. The battles are fun and fast, giving you enough time to build a proper strategy while your Yo-Kai duke it out. Most surprising of all is its humor, which shows why Yo-Kai Watch is all about having fun with these spirits while not taking anything too seriously.

It's Perfect For...

If you have already collected all 700+ Pokémon and you still are in the urge to catch some more monsters.

MSRP: $39.99

Available at: Amazon.com, Best Buy, GameStop


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