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Epistory - Thinking Outside the Origami Box...

It takes a lot of ingenuity for a video game to really think outside the box. Video games have advanced so much in the last few decades that to see a game that feels really unique, is quite refreshing.

In Epistory you play the muse in an untold world. Your adventure begins on a blank page, but the world soon becomes larger as you explore, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies. Pages literally unfold before you in an origami like setting as you advance. Everything in this game (aside from the menu screens) is exclusively controlled with the keyboard.

Sure, using a keyboard to move your character on screen isn’t unheard of. Even attacks using the keyboard aren’t unheard of, but the mechanics here still greatly stand out from most other games I’ve played.

This is tame compared to a nest battle...

This is tame compared to a nest battle...

Attacking your enemies is interesting, you have to type out the word that hovers over them. Sure it sounds easy to just type in a four letter word, but when there are multiple enemies on the screen it’s not that easy. The “boss” fights are an extreme challenge. You enter what is referred to as a “Nest” and you’re instantly put into attack mode. You can’t pause during these fights at all, and the hits just keep on coming. Enemies continually make their way towards you. Some with simple words, even single letters (don’t let that fool you - it’s harder than it sounds). Then there are enemies with words like “sumptuous” and others that may or may not leave you yelling at your computer screen. Even the very first nest encounter was difficult. I had to repeat it a few times before I could progress.

Let it not go unsaid that it would challenge you regardless of your spelling or literary ability. If your typing skills aren’t that good, this game will certainly help improve them over time, but will definitely serve problematic when you start. Although for any gamer, having to repeat the same boss battle 15 minutes into the game is a wee bit frustrating.

Difficulty aside, this game is a real breath of fresh air. The graphics are lovely, the story is interesting, and the combat system is very different. The better news, is that it’s only $12.99 on Steam! So for what it lacks in gradual introduction it makes up for in price.

I would definitely recommend it for those that enjoy computer gaming, and those that like a challenge. I’d even go as far as to recommend it for someone trying to improve their keyboard skills. It’s fun, well made, and well thought out. Any gamer could see the value in this game regardless of its differences.

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