It takes a lot of ingenuity for a video game to really think outside the box. Video games have advanced so much in the last few decades that to see a game that feels really unique, is quite refreshing. In Epistory

If you've been dreading yet another clip show, this one's your dread come true.

The amazing world of Pokémon, one of the most cherished franchises to ever exist turns 20!

Sometimes a frESHlook is full of win, sometimes it's not...but it sure is fun each week to scrounge around the net looking for inspiration.

So it’s no secret that I’ve been incredibly skeptical of the Batman v Superman movie for awhile now. The casting, the mish-mosh of characters, and the twisting of story-arcs led me down a very narrow tunnel where I couldn’t see any

As a lover of the theater realm, I can be a bit of a sucker when the stage invades the video game scene. Whether it was Super Mario Bros. 3, Puppeteer, or the musical scene in Saints Row: Gat Out

Puzzle enthusiasts have recently been treated to a plethora of real life escape rooms meant to test their problem-solving prowess. Video games have been exploring this concept for a while, but the timeliness of the release of the first-person exploration

Lots of positivity in this week's frESHlook, including Captain America: Civil War. What can I say, I love this stuff!

"This is a job for Superman!"

I can't tell you how many times I've heard those words.