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GAME NEWS | Rebellion Announces "Sniper Elite 4" For 2016

If there's one video game series that drags me in every time a controller is placed in my hands, it's Sniper Elite. With its realistic take on the world of war behind a scope to those awesome slow-motion kills, Rebellion's series has put many of the other battle-based games to shame. Today Rebellion has announced that it will be returning to that realm with Sniper Elite 4: Italia, due out later this year on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Set after the events of Sniper Elite 3: Afrika, the fourth installment will have you dropped into the beautiful environments of WWII-era Italy. Playing as Karl Fairburne players must battle alongside the brave soldiers of the Italian Resistance, free their country of racism, and defeat a new threat that could possibly halt the Allied nations from retaliating. Fail, and Operation Overlord, D-Day, and the Victory in Europe will be just a fairy tale crushed by the Axis powers.

Check out the trailer above, and look below at some early screenshots of what's to come!

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