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The Long Journey Home - Exploration

PAX 2016 | Hands-On With The Long Journey Home

Will you be able to find your way back home across the universe in The Long Journey Home by Daedalic Entertainment? Time will tell.

The unthinkable has happened: there was an accident testing your spaceships’ jump drive, and as a result you and your crew were blown across galaxy. Now, you must traverse the galaxy braving storms, searching for support and allies to help you get home.

Make The Long Journey Home

Long Journey Home - Ship and GateTLJHis an interesting exploration RPG set in space, where the galaxy is randomly generated – which adds to the games replayability, as no two games will be alike – and you must use strategy (by leveraging the skills of your crew) to make it back to Earth. It’s like Sid Meier’s Civilization meets Firefly with less resource management and more exploration crossed with the classic Asteroids arcade game.

In the game, you will spend a good amount of time exploring space in your ship - deftly avoiding asteroids and other space anomalies, and other times you will be exploring planet regions - searching for resources and alien allies that can aid in your return home. You must be careful whom you choose to become allies with, as you may have to make some tough decisions – i.e. attack another alien race – in order to win over one group as an ally…and it may not benefit you in the way you think.

Right now, what I like the most about the game is its visual style. The Long Journey Home is just fun to look it. It would be easy to spend all of your time just trying to explore space – and putting landing on a planet surface on the back burner for a while – which makes me immediately think of games like No Man’s Sky, and that’s not a bad thing.

The Long Journey Home will be available this fall, on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, MAC and Linux via STEAM.

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