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It's a wonderful death in Don't Kill Her

Don't be fooled just because the game looks cute

Don’t let this game’s childlike scenery deceive you. Pig-men perched on suction pads are playing upside down cup-and-ball game, while flying toads with quite large nostrils gather food for their offspring. The entire universe is hand drawn and subtly brought to life by enchanting pencil lines that create the unique charm of the video game Don't Kill Her.

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Now being promoted for Windows and Macintosh on Steam Greenlight, this video game world seems peaceful and serene, a setting auspicious to daydreaming. It's a pity that you are a murderer. Yes, she will constantly remind you that you are Her killer. She is the mother of all creation in this weird universe, the force behind every action and being. Hence, when She accuses you of her slow and agonizing death, you have no choice but to take Her seriously.

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You have questions? These questions are at the heart of the adventure, the key interest of this dreamlike platformer game. You will soon come to discover that beyond its particular atmosphere, lies the deep mystery surrounding your guilt and your relationship with Her that you will have to unravel. Your usual methods won’t be of any use here. One of the great strengths of this game with no claims to any other is to discover its true purpose. As She says so herself: No choice is given, but the rest belongs to us.

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Check it out for yourself.

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