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Build your own spaceship on Steam

It's more than just a starship construction kit

Have you ever looked at a spaceship in a movie or on TV and thought, "I could do it better than that?" Now you have a chance to build the ultimate U.S.S. Enterprise or Millenium Falcon with the program Starship Corporation.


Available for PC on the Steam Early Access program, this unique video game is attractive to many audiences. "We are very curious to see what kind of imaginative ship designs and gameplay strategies will unfold from the gaming community," said David Murent, lead developer at Coronado Games, who created it.


Starship Corporation lets players become intergalactic manufacturers of their dream spaceships, big or small. Design and build spaceships for a hugely demanding galaxy-wide market.

It is you who must decide which technologies to invest in, where to open new offices and where to establish new markets. Every little detail about your ships is up to you, from the interior layout to the location of each elevator, corridor and power line.


And it's more than just a starship construction kit. Build your reputation by testing the mettle of your ship and crew in a series of real-time strategy missions to simulate emergency or combat situations, push your vessel to its limit and let the competition know just what they are up against.

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