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ESH Cast #485: Ninja vs. Panda: A Very Uncivil War

The Sistahs take a week off, so you get to listen to 10 years of them squaring off against each other. Oh, they don't ever come to blows, but you'll certainly hear them making plenty of idle threats in the course of the show.

If you've ever wanted to stoke your collection of short jokes or age jokes, this is certainly the place to come. And, no matter how hard they try to fight it, as long as they're alive, NinJaSistah is always going to stay five years older than Pandalicious. That's a fact that, as you'll hear, always tends to work in favor of both of them.

You'll also hear comments from former contributor MagicMysticGrl and show producer Evermore in the show, as well as a brief appearance by ESHmom.

So don't miss your chance to hear the whole clash as Sistah fights Sistah in this week's episode, ESH Cast #485: Ninja vs. Panda: A Very Uncivil War.

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Born at a very young age with no foreknowledge of the event.