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Heavy metal platformer Seum announced

Stealing Marty's beer was the last straw

The folks at Pine Studio and Headup Games introduce their new video game this way: "Marty had a bad morning. Demons disrupted his late breakfast and ripped off his right arm, but the worst of it: they stole all his beer - the last batch of limited edition Walrus Ale. Mad as hell, he ripped off a demon's arm and attached it to himself to deliver some payback."

And that's how Seum: Speedrunners From Hell apparently begins. You run, jump, fly and teleport through more than 100 deadly arenas, each more devilish than the last. Play your best, secure a top spot in the online leaderboards and find the hidden beer cans hidden throughout in every level.

As the press release says, "Like an unholy child of Quake 3 and Super Meat Boy, Seum is truly hardcore and focuses on speed and fast reactions. Race across and jump over platforms and bounce pads while shooting fireballs as you battle to reach an exit portal in the mimiumum amount of time. Reverse time and gravity. Compete with all players for top times in the online high score ladder. Only the toughest players will receive the Uber Skull medals."

The makers add, "Can’t get much more old school than this!" The game is available on Steam.

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