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Moon Hunters coming to PS4 July 12

Game originally derived from surreal, occult paintings

The Moon Hunters video game is coming to PS4 beginning July 12 through Playstation Store.

Tanya Short, creative director of maker Kitfox Gams and design lead for Moon Hunters, wrote about her team's work on the Playstation Blog: "It started as a doodled idea in 2013, inspired by old surreal and occult-looking paintings from our artist. Almost a year later we were Kickstarting, and when that was a clear success, BAM! We could afford to bring the game to PS4.

"The game itself has changed a lot since the original concept, but the whole time, we’ve been driven by this fascination with mythology, and what it means for a person to become a legend. We knew we wanted to make a party game-style RPG, about 45 minutes long each session. So rather than make each session epic in and of itself, we ended up focusing on the constellations and legends you create, which are saved across playthroughs."

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