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Just Deserts mixes a rough-and-tumble military game with a dating sim

There's nothing like a grim, gritty war story that can surely turn one's thoughts to... sex? That seems to be the thought of the makers of a new game called "Just Deserts," which describes itself as a "military-themed action dating sim."

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The game, for Windows, Macintosh and Linux on Steam, is scheduled to be released July 11.

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According to publisher Sekai Project and developer Vifth Floor, "players will step into the combat boots of a soldier who must defend Aquarine City, which has fallen under attack by a mysterious and violent race of aliens. Assigned to a troop of highly skilled and dangerously captivating girls, players will set out to save humankind and maybe even capture the heart of their dream girl(s) in the process."

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Is it a war game or a dating sim? Evidence for the latter abounds in the provided screenshots from the game. You make your own decision.

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