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E3 2016 | "Road Rage"

When it came to hardcore riding games, Road Rash was the king of them all. Being able to race against others and take out opponents via any means necessary brought thrills and some unexpected laughs throughout its entire gameplay. Perhaps that's why I had a soft spot when I came across Team 6's Road Rage, which hopes to capture the same amount of mindless fun Road Rash did many years ago.

During my E3 demo I was given the chance to ride my motorcycle throughout a part of the town. As the goal of the game was to ride up the ranks of a Hell's Angels-like motorcycle club, Road Rage has you unlocking more and more of the town as you complete the missions given to you. For this demo I was given the chance to try my hand at one of the combat racing missions, and from what I experienced there's a chance of a solid underground online racing community being built up for this game.

Road Rage - Game Art 3

While the racing part is good, the treat comes in the realm of the combat. Time your swing right, and you can knock your opponent off their bikes and watch them bounce off the road and nearby buildings like a rag doll. I couldn't help but laugh with excitement whenever I got my swing down, as my rival was sent flying high into the sky. This is the kind of stupid fun I look for in these sorts of video games, where you and a few friends can get together and have a ball with the silly anarchy that takes place on screen.

The full version of Road Rage will feature 42 story missions and 56 side quests, ranging from combat racing and gang brawls to delivery and escort jobs. With a huge assortment of customizations and weaponry you can expect to smack, drag, and pull your way through the ranks in many ways as you work to be the top dog of the motorcycle community.

Road Rage - Game Art 2

Road Rage comes out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this fall.


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